Hippo Campus – The Reading Club

Our Mission : Maximize Reading & Enriching Reading Skills

About Us

Our name “Hippo Campus” signifies the part of the brain which lies in the temporal lobe in the shape of a sea horse and which stores memories . We have proudly completed 8 successful reading years, and with every passing year our endeavor is to make you ‘word perfect’ .

Why is Reading Important

  • Reading stimulates our brains and improves concentration.
  • Reading brings awareness in the children about the world around them.
  • Reading improves a child’s vocabulary and leads to better and developed language skills.
  • Reading develops a child’s imagination.
  • Children who read amply do better at school.
  • Children who read well, tend to speak well and as a result are confident and capable of commanding an audience.

We Believe

We are passionate about helping children develop love for reading . We believe that love for reading is a stepping stone to becoming an enthusiastic learner and a confident reader, writer and speaker. With confidence and curiosity, children can enjoy the wonderful world of ‘learning and exploration’.

Our Program / Our USP

  • Entails a series of small programs, all aiming at cultivating reading habits and improving vocabulary.
  • Our monitored reading program beginning from grade 1 to grade 5 is detailed and suitable for different aptitudes of children even within the same level.
  • Our 1st graders aim at reading anywhere between 55 to 70 books in an academic year.
  • Our rewarding system is a sure shot winner with our children, motivates students to read.
  • Every activity undertaken by us is with an aim of honing the reading, vocabulary, spoken, and memory skills efficiently.

Do not undermine the efficacy of reading and give your child the privilege of cultivating a reading habit with us at Hippo Campus – The Reading Club