What is Phonics ?

Phonics is the correlation between letters, words and sounds. It is the very foundation of learning English, as most of the language conforms to the principles of Phonics.

Our Aim:

Our conscious effort is to significantly help your child take great strides towards achieving a sound base in reading and writing skills.

We aim at inculcating a keen interest towards the nuances of English language.

How does Phonics help to learn?

Phonics is the most effective method of teaching a child to read. The child’s knowledge  of individual sounds and their patterns leads to impeccable pronunciation. A strong phonological awareness helps the child to decode store and recall words.

To sum up, Phonics simply strenghtens the base of the Word – Letter – Sound relationship.

How will Phonics help your child?

The knowledge of phonics helps to analyse the language at grass root level. Your child will subconsciously make Word-Letter-Sound correlations as a matter of habit. Your child will be able to:

  • Read and spell a number of words in a short time
  • Recognize the different sounds and understand the word-letter-sound relationship to read and spell a variety of words
  • Rely less on rote memorization
  • Apply the skill of Phonics to enhance their ability with spelling and reading unfamiliar text.
  • Expand and fortify the child’s vocabulary
  • Differentiate between sound patterns

Academic Achievements

Academic Achievements observed in Little More students who have started Phonics at an early stage:

  • Strong Diction
  • Good Speller
  • Increased Vocabulary
  • High Observation Skill
  • Acquired Concentration
  • Enthusiastic Writers

Our Teaching Methods

We, at Little More, believe that your child deserves to have fun while he learns! Education need not necessarily be related to boredom in an enclosed classroom. Our teaching methods involve the children in an interactive session with free-flowing communication between your child and the teacher. After all, Communication is the Destination of learning a language!

Little More uses the following techniques to enhance your child’s understanding:

  • Audio-visual
  • Educational games
  • Fun-Filled and Child-Friendly exercises to sustain the interest of your child.

Let’s enjoy this step-by-step Phonics Journey together,
a ‘Little More’ at a time!