Mathematics sharpens the mind. Mathematics disciplines the mind.
Mathematics trains the young mind to think in a logical and structured manner.

Myth : Mathematics is a dry subject.

Fact : Mathematics at “Little More” is fun and enjoyable through worksheets and game sessions at the primary level.


1) Training young minds to enhance their mathematical, analytical and problem solving skills.
2) Solving sums and word problems step-wise employing easy methods.
3) Helping overcome the fear and create a liking for Mathematics.
4) Focus on sharpening mathematical skills through interesting worksheets and games.


  • Evaluation of progress through regular tests and exams.
  • Providing timely feedback, contributing to self-improvement of the student.
  • Homework at end of the worksheets is designed to provide more practice.
  • Home worksheets are regularly checked from standard fourth on wards.
  • The foundation is so well laid that children are ready to appear for any competitive exams too.

 MOTTO :- Encourage students to Excel.