IPM (Mathematics Scholarship Examination)

IPM develops mathematical skills. It enhances calculation speed and sharpens the young mind in a logical and structured manner.
Age criteria : Students of std 2 to std 9 can appear for the exam which is conducted by The Institution of Mental Arithmetic, Pune every year in the month of April.
Beginners course for Std 1 students is done only at Little More.
Beating the popular myth that Mathematics involves lot of calculation and logical analysis,
IPM training at “Little More” is done by  systematic introduction of topics through worksheets and gradually developing logical skills.

Our Aim :
1. To make the solving of mathematical problems a joyful activity and in general to sharpen a child’s mathematical skills.
2. To test not the mechanical part of problem solving but a child’s ability to understand the basic concepts on various topics and their applications.
3. To emphasize mental arithmetic which is essential for quick and clear thinking.
4. To encourage and prepare young students to appear for various Mathematic Competitive Examinations and inculcate in them an ambition to succeed in other such exams from an early age.

Salient features :
1. Introduction of concepts through worksheets and many illustrations.
2. Students learn new, quick and interesting methods of calculation.
3. Strengthen the basic concepts and analytical ability by revision of topics already done.
4. Regular evaluation through class tests and revision worksheets.

Our Motto : To develop a healthy , competitive spirit in young minds.