Words are the most powerful tool at our command to communicate our thoughts freely and accurately. English is the most ‘globally accepted’ language today. It is proved that school years are the most formative years ‎ as children are at their receptive best.

This is the age where the foundation of your child’s language is set. Everything that your child learns will be built on this very foundation. To build this strong and solid foundation, however, you require a ‘Little More’ to match up to the school’s increasingly advancing syllabus.

About Us

We are a team of teachers dedicated to guide children towards one goal. Our goal is to ensure that our students gain an extensive knowledge of English Language, which is the most crucial aspect of communication in today’s world.

Our sessions enable your child to improve his or her creativity and enhance writing skills in both, personal and formal communications.

We teach every grammar topic, be it the basic ‘Nouns’ or the advanced ‘Direct and Indirect Speech’ – or even the complicated ‘Phrases and Clauses’.

Aim : We aim at excellence in vocabulary and creative writing, leading to improved verbal and written communication skills.

Our program includes:

  • Grammar Topics of The School Syllabus
  • Comprehension
  • Vocabulary Building
  • Descriptive Essays
  • Narrative Essays
  • Autobiography
  • Story Writing
  • Letter Writing
  • Imaginative Writing
  • & All Creative Writing

We are a team of dedicated staff and take great pride in providing:

  •   Extensive Language Training
  •   Interactive Sessions
  •  Exhaustive Sheets for Practice

How We Work

We believe in an all-rounded development of the English Language. Moreover, this development happens over a period of time. At Little More, we chalk out an entire year’s syllabus. The first step is to lay emphasis on Grammar and the basic building blocks of the English Language. Next, we teach your child to use these language skills in an effective manner to improve their Creative Writing. Each lesson involves grammar as well as a piece of creative writing. Throughout the year, there is constant revision of school grammar. We strive to maintain the same pattern as your child’s school syllabus so that they are able to keep up with, or even be ahead of their school work!

Our Approach

Over the years, we have observed that students have beautiful ideas in their minds. However, they find it difficult to express them on paper. This is where we step in. Our first step is to lay a solid foundation to build their basic grammar. Next, we skillfully guide them with mind maps and other such tools to organize their thoughts. For instance, writing a funny story would have a completely different structure as compared to a letter to a friend.

Once they master the basic grammar in their writing, they are showered with a plethora of vocabulary words as well as popular idioms and phrases. They will also be taught how to incorporate them in their writing and accurately express their thoughts on paper.

By the end of the academic year, our students are able to master the  language such that they not only talk and think in grammatically correct  English, but we dare say, they Dream in English!

Every session equips the child with moving a step ahead and working towards clarity in thought.